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Sample stories from WDSU-TV, the NBC affiliate in New Orleans.


All stories below were shot, written & edited by Natalie during her time at KXAN-TV, the NBC affiliate in Austin, TX.
Formula One team plans to spend over $16k on groceries for race weekend

As Formula One approaches, teams are already in high gear, preparing for a big portion of this weekend’s race: the food. Each F1 team has its own crew of private chefs that travel with them to races around the world. Preparation and planning start months before each season. Chefs from the Indian team “Sahara Force India” went on their first of many trips to the grocery store Monday.


Texas teacher a 'perfect match' to donate kidney to student

Six-year-old Matthew Parker has struggled with kidney difficulties his entire life. He received a transplant from a non-living donor when he was 2 years old, but his body is now rejecting the organ. Matthew and his family have been searching for a new living, donor for two years, but they had no idea she was right in front of them.

Deputies issue citations to shoppers illegally parked in disabled spaces

A quick trip to the store for a Black Friday steal could land you with a $500 ticket if you’re not careful. Deputies and volunteers from Travis County Constable Precinct 5 will be issuing citations for people who are parked illegally in disabled parking spots over the weekend.

United Way for Greater Austin grants $215,000 to AISD Pre-K students

United Way for Greater Austin will announce on Thursday morning a $215,000 grant to help the Austin Independent School District expand pre-K education. This new effort will help nearly 500 3-year-olds in the Austin area. The goal is to get young, low-income students ready for school.

Austin Police dress up as Superheroes for kids at Dell Children's

As Marvel fans across the country await the opening night of the new Avengers movie, Austin Police put on a special preview for local kids at Dell Children’s Medical Center. The department’s SWAT officers spent Thursday morning scaling down buildings and chasing after “The Joker” for children at Superheroes Day.

Texas organization gives shelter dogs new duty and a second chance 

San Antonio-based Universal K9 is looking for shelter dogs to train for police departments. Universal K9 has already rescued more than 150 dogs across the country and on Friday, they came to the Town Lake Animal Center to rescue more.

Rescue robots helping Austin firefighters save lives 

The Austin Fire Department is exploring the possibility of using robots for emergency-response situations. Members of AFD’s Robotic Emergency Deployment (RED) team have spent weeks training to master the controls of rescue robots.

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