Our new world is haunted by the ghosts of our old world

As we struggle to cope with new standards preset by ancient cultures, the world we live in is slowly fading into complete madness.

Horrifying violence and unfathomable corruption on all levels of governance has become the norm. Every week, there's someone or some place new we are keeping in our "thoughts and prayers."

Our new world says we should be accepting of all people regardless of race, religion, sexuality or socioeconomic background -- but our roots preached inherent racism and classist prejudice for decades.

Our new world suggests that perhaps the reoccurring shooting massacres at our schools, churches, movie theaters, malls and nightclubs should probably call for some stricter gun control laws -- but our old world says the 2nd amendment (the right to bear arms) is necessary to maintain the security of our country.

At what point do the views of our old world become outdated or no longer applicable in a new world that's firing itself into the brim of insanity?

I came back from a long and relaxing 4th of July weekend, spent with my family in Houston. We were all reunited for the first time in several months, as all four of us currently live in separate cities for work-related circumstances. We celebrated American freedom and my mother's birthday by eating a lot of delicious food.

I returned to work on Wednesday to the news of the Baton Rouge police officers that shot and killed Alton Sterling. On Thursday, the videos and news of the Minnesota officer that shot and killed Philando Castile after pulling him, his fiancé and their 4-year-old daughter over for a broken taillight, had surfaced -- and the chaos from the two brutal, police shootings spread to many cities across the country. It sparked outrage, hatred and divided our united front apart -- and suddenly, we were back to where we all started -- black vs white. Racists vs the non-racists.

My friend in Houston texted me around 7:45pm asking about the chaos that was happening in Louisiana. Before I could even respond-- less than two hours later, she texted me again and asked if I was seeing what was happening in Dallas. I was cooking dinner and cleaning, and was not paying attention to my phone, and my TV was off for peace and quiet time. With a click of a few buttons, I was suddenly watching a scene out of a war movie, where the masses are fleeing, screaming and completely helpless, while the jarring sound of gunshots can be heard in the background going off as rampant as fireworks.

My heart aches for my friends, former co-workers and acquaintances living in Dallas -- a city in my beloved state of Texas. It terrifies me just thinking of how much worse the violence could've been.

As one Dallas Business Journalist perfectly stated -- "When it happens in your city you feel the pain you should have felt while it's been happening in your country" -Jon Prior.

Today, I reported on a horrifying tragedy of a 2-year-old boy who's body was found in trash bag near the Mississippi River. The boy's parents are now being questioned, after his grandmother expressed concern to investigators. Many people on Facebook, as well as the reporters from other stations discussed how this is reminiscent of Casey Anthony's trial back in 2011. It was our decade's OJ Simpson. It clogged our TV screens and headlined national news for months. But my story was bumped to the bottom of the A-block because somehow, more disturbing news managed to surface before our 4, 5 and 6 pm newscasts.

Trust me, New Orleans is no stranger to violent or ultra-corrupt crimes, but you couldn't even make up the stories that headlined our newscasts today.

1) The protests breaking out in Baton Rouge, St. Paul, Minnesota, and in other cities across the country were still showcasing the disparity of opinions on what is appropriate 'police conduct' -- so that was the obvious lead.

2) Weather had to be close to the top, as we step into our 2nd consecutive day of a dangerous heat advisory.

3) Five people in Amite were arrested by Tangipahoa Sheriff's Office after police discovered they were keeping a woman locked captive in a cage. They are now being accused of planning to prostitute the woman-- according to sheriff officials.

4) A former Fountainbleau high school math teacher and girls' basketball coach was arrested and accused of molesting one of his students.

5) My story of the dead toddler found in a trash bag.

Wow. Just wow. There were also several other deadly traffic crashes and shootings that I did not mention because they were overshadowed by the overwhelmingly atrocious things happening in our city.

Innocent men shot and killed over nothing. Innocent cops shot and killed over nothing.

We are fighting the wrong enemy.

I am still not over Orlando. I am still not over Aurora. I am still not over Newtown. I am still not over Charleston. I am still not over Virginia Tech. And now I have to add a city so dear to my heart to that list.

I pray for Dallas, but most importantly, I pray for peace.

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