Character similarities between Scream Queens & Glee

Scream Queens is a satirical parody of all Ryan Murphy's previous creations, but it's similarities to Glee is most evident in the show's characters. Here is a list of characters that are pretty much the exact same person played by different actors.

Chanel Oberlin = Kitty Wilde / Quinn Fabray

Grace Gardner = Finn Hudson / Kurt Hummel

Hester Ulrich = Rachel Berry

Chad Radwell = Noah "Puck" Puckerman

Pete Martinez = Artie Abrams

Chanel #5 = Santana

Zayday Williams = Mercedes

Gigi Caldwell = Emma Pillsbury

Wes Gardner = Will Schuester

Chanel #3 = Brittany S. Pierce

Dean Cathy Munsch = Sue Sylvester

Boone Clemens = Sam Evans

Denise Hemphill = Tina Cohen-Chang

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