Follow up to the Scream Queens' Red Devil theory

Last week, I predicted that there was an entire team of people behind the evil and murderous plot to destroy Kappa... and while I am not discounting my original theory, I think I may have been slightly wrong.

Not only do I think there is an entire team working together, I now believe there are SEVERAL teams, each with different vendettas against the long, hated sorority. Technically if you think about it, each character within the show secretly does have their own agenda and vendetta-- whether it's proving to other members of the school that they are worthy of pledging (Hester), changing the core values of the sorority (Grace), or revealing the true evil that Kappa stands for (everyone else)-- Kappa is pretty much screwed, meaning Chanel is pretty much screwed. It's looking more and more like the entire school/universe vs Chanel. Poor Chanel.

My initial finger pointing aimed at {the school dean, Kappa's president/lawyer, the investigative journalist student, Chanel #3, Chad Radwell, and the obvious dubious, Nick Jonas.} But now I would like to add-- wait for it-- Grace's DAD (Wes Gardner) to the list. That definitely seems like a more obvious choice after last week's episode illustrated him in a super creepy manner, but I believe that Mr. Gardner may be working on his own agenda to destroy the sorority, not simultaneously with the dean or the investigative journalist student. Why? He could possibly be the father to the baby mama who died in the bathtub, seeking revenge for his long lost lover, which would also validate the theory that Grace is indeed that baby, and her father would have even more reason to lie to her about exactly how her mother died.

Additionally, this means that the county coroner is also in on all the scheming (how else would the Red Devil team have access to the bodies?) I also believe that Ariana Grande will back later in the season, and not as a dead being. One, because I read a Ryan Murphy interview that says she would, but two, because I think she is working with someone else (maybe Nick Jonas?).

The final question is, WHY would all these people be working together against Kappa, and against Chanel? I think they might be pledging for their own secret and sacred sorority. (That could explain the rando at the gas station targeting Zayday and Grace).

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